EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Folawiyo presents the new way to dress with SS/20 collection

The NATIVE partnered with Creative Director, MOMO for limited edition Lagos Fashion Week Zine

Too often in Nigeria, and in Africa in general, fashion is viewed through a Eurocentric lens, however, we’re currently experiencing a paradigm shift, where we’re demanding the right to tell our own stories, for us, by us. This is why The NATIVE in collaboration with  Nigerian creative director, MOMO have been commissioned by Lagos Fashion Week to produce a limited edition zine, showcasing a variety of the immense talent this season.

From veteran designers such as Lisa Folawiyo of namesake brand, to newcomer Faith Oluwajimi of Bloke, the predominantly editorial zine features powerful looks from some of the latest collections to be showcased on the catwalk over the next four days.

In a bid to tell our own stories, it was essential for us to bring together a young, talented team of African creatives to present these collections through editorial. Following the runway shows from Day 1, here are our exclusive profile and editorial for Lagos Fashion Week, on Orange Culture.

The veteran brand Lisa Folawiyo Studio, is best known for incorporating homegrown textiles with an emphasis on beading and sequins. This season, they maintain their usual penchant to immediately catch your attention with structured silhouettes and dreamy fabrics.

Lisa sees the collection as a reclamation of sorts: “Dresses over boubous; skirts over skirts; power suits and tanks that uncover a sudden surprise; all layered to be peeled back and worn again, or left just as they are – this is the new way to dress. This collection, most importantly, represents what women want to wear; and the more you wear, the less you discard.”

Designer: Lisa Folawiyo

Photography: Manny Jefferson 

Styling & Creative Direction: MOMO

Model: Morinsola Hassan-Odukale

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