Your favorite emcees, Falz and YCee team up for “Something Light” video

A masterful collaboration from two leading acts

Falz has become almost as recognizable for his distinct character tropes (think the pervy brother Taju) as he has for the superior story telling on his releases. The flexibility these theatric skins give have allowed him the dexterity to address several issues from politics to romance to straight up club-inclined dance numbers. He uses his sense of humor as an anchor for conveying these themes and his latest offering, “Something Light” reiterates why the bahd guy is so good.

He features YCee who has been on a good run since his 2015 debut that resulted in a critically acclaimed debut EP, First Wave released a few months ago. Paired together, our expectations are heightened but they don’t disappoint. Sessbeats produces the mid-tempo beat with synth loops sprinkled over the sparse baseline. Falz and YCee rap over the trap beat though it’s not quite a duet, more like two concurrent but unrelated stories. If you squint, you’d be reminded of a similar sounding “Otis” track by Jay Z and Kanye.

But instead of bragging and affirming their place on Hip-hop’s wall of fame, they address a more pressing issue of getting into the pants of “Big Girls/Dangerous Girls”. They exchange hilarious stories of their experience with girls who are “Searching For Maga” and despite leading the men on, only want “Something Light”—a euphemism we assume means not sex.

Clarence shot the video for “Something Light” starring internet sensation, Maraji and comedienne Wofai Fada who play the role of the “Big Girls” in the colorful light-hearted video. Watch the video below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/FalzVEVO

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