Falz called out your faves for hyping Yahoo Boys

And the internet has gone mad over it.

Words by Ehimenim Agweh

Slingbacks, clapbacks and comebacks have a habit of hitting where it hurts and there’s no better example than when someone gets called out online. Introducing Twitter’s bone of contention for today, the Falz versus other artists episode.

The premise is simple. Falz comes on camera. Falz speaks. Falz leaves. That’s ordinary enough until you see why Twitter unleashed its ire on him. Have you guessed it? Yes, he called out another musician. Today, Falz called out 9ice for praising Yahoo Boys in his songs and he also lashed out at other musicians encouraging these ‘Gee boys’ activities. In his words, ‘Stop hailing Yahoo Boys with your music. It’s killing our future.’ And Twitter lost its mind.

Reactions ranged from flashing back to his song ‘Bahd, Baddo, Baddest’, and pointing out Davido’s Dele Momodu reference

To stating the validity of Falz’s statement.


Some were just there for the puns

While others were pointing out the dissimilarity between the two cases

While we bash Falz and wait for him to clear the air, let us remember that hip-hop in its early form was all about the gangster and quick money life. The same thing Falz is speaking out against and eventually, hip-hop grew out of that stage and became more conscious as a genre. Afropop may have thrived on similarly shadowy cliches in the past, but as the times evolve, so must the culture.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram/Falzthebadguy

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