Anthony Joshua doesn’t think having a Fight in Lagos is too crazy an idea

And we agree with him

Words by Ehimenim Agweh

Nigerians have a habit of laying claim to one of their own who has found success and fame outside the countries. It doesn’t matter if the person has cast off Nigeria, the point still remains that he or she has Nigerian blood or ancestors. Today, that habit has come into good use as world heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua came to the defence of Lagos in a recent clip.

The subject of a trans-Atlantic ownership, Anthony Joshua has shown time and again that his loyalties to both Nigeria and Britain are solid. But some ties are more solid. In a clip shared by a Twitter user, Anthony Joshua is seen relaxing at the back of a boxing ring, surrounded by the tools of his craft. An unseen person raises a question about the boxer fighting in Lagos as opposed to Vegas, calling the scenario ‘far-fetched.’ Anthony Joshua rises to the occasion, delivering verbal punches as he defends a situation where he would have to fight in Lagos saying “As long as the fight is good, it doesn’t matter where it is,” and also, “Fighting brings people together.” Even in his defence, he is having a Nigerian moment and poking questions at the unseen voice quizzing him.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram/@anthony_joshua