Should we expect a Wizkid and Damian Marley collaboration?

The fore runners of Afro-carribbean music

Wizkid has advanced in years. And this translates as growth in his music and how far he’s distinctly marketed and branded himself as the new ‘Afro-cool’.  There is a lot to expect of him as he’s constantly being tagged the future and Ambassador of Afropop & Afrobeats. As a young artist of his calibre, Wizkid has undoubtedly had legends, the likes of Bob Marley and Fela Kuti influence his music catalogue. Although those two musicians are late now, their legacies still live on, in part from the impacts made on people and music and on the other hand, because of their sons, Damian Marley and Femi Kuti who have shown they are worthy successors. While growing up, Damian Marley was (and has) been one in the slew of musicians Wizkid has dreamt to work with. A recent tweet he made on his page with an accompanying image of him sitting next to Damian Marley, illustrates that this may just be in works already.

Of course Wizkid’s keen interest to take African music to the world shows in gestures like this he makes through social media, and it’s also abundantly clear in the international star studded Sounds From The Other Side Album he dropped recently. As SFTOS is still steadily gaining popularity, and video releases to tracks off it still under wraps, our conscious minds only keep spectating on how this Africa to the world movement is going by the numbers and by day.

Feature Image Credit: Twitter/@wizkidayo

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