Did everyone else miss Bruno Mars’s sleek Akube dance move in new video for “Finesse”

Appropriation or Appreciation

In recent times, the pop music machinery has witnessed a series of changes in a manner that almost indents a decline of traditional pop. But Bruno Mars has always been ahead of the curve;  somehow managing to annually hitch-hike on the back of nostalgia into the Billboard charts. Even now, at a time when hip-hop is becoming a mainstay for pop music, Bruno Mars smartly taps Cardi B for a guest verse on “Finesse”, off his 2016 album 24K Magic .

The retro motif of the self-directed video is inspired by 90’s sitcom, “In Living Color”, with the similar stage set. The video shows Bruno Mars is in his elements, looking dapper and dancing with a grin on his face as he gets his groove on. The choreography incorporated some moves from the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, but unless we are mistaken, he actually starts with a Dotman inspired move, Akube.

Dotman struck gold in 2016 with his hit single, “Akube”. Though the song had readily carried the hallmark of a hit, the accompanying dance move helped the track become a viral sensation. Popular American dance group, NewGeneration916 led by child dancer, Kida The Great among others choreographed to the song and included some of the steps, giving it international exposure.

Coincedentally, Bruno Mars has been in social media conversations recently for appropriating black culture since the release of his latest music video.  Now, we could pretend to be upset that Dotman wasn’t given credit being the originator of the dance move and all, but let’s face it, Bruno Mars’ smoother take on the sleek step is just hard to hate on.

Watch the video below.

Featured Image: Billboard

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