Watch Eugy’s new video for “Captain” featuring Siza

The usual

There’s more to creating a great music video than finding the perfect location. While a great location almost always guarantees great visuals and a higher propensity for an excellent representation of a song’s ethos, there is also the temptation to use a great location as a crutch, chucking out everything else (plot, great actors, a decent director) and hope that we’ll get distracted enough to not see that the videos leads have zero chemistry. This is what makes the new music video for  Eugy’s single “Captain” featuring Siza so underwhelming, nothing is altered from the usual. With nary a thought to make a significant stylistic deviation from the theme of his “Hold Tight” video released in March, Eugy sings with a female hanging about him as he confesses some love for her in a speed boat on a waterside. Except in “Hold tight” it was a car and here, it’s a speed boat. Into this bargain, this time Siza takes the role of the video vixen (ish) instead.

Gabriella Kingsley directs the video for “Captain” and Team Salut is of course on the beat. He’s the one who did the production work on Eugy’s Flavourz debut EP this year. Have a look at the review here, while you peep the video for “Captain” below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/eugyoffical

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