Essentials: Deena Ade’s ‘May Love Find You’

Channelling her desire for stability into songs about a romantically inaccessible partner

Deena Ade follows up her ‘Cries of My Subconsciousness’ project with a brand new EP, ‘May Love Find You’. The Lagos based soul singer continues her sonic exploration, blending nostalgic soul with contemporary pop for the 5-track EP where she channels her desire for stability into songs directed at a romantically inaccessible partner.

Last month, she shared the pre-released single for the tape, “Ma Ti Lo”, featuring Dami Oniru. Though their enchanting vocal performance on the song that promises their lovers’ eternal affection is convincing, the entire project echos the same sentiment to varying extremes.

On the opening track, “I Want You to Change Your Mind”, she sings “So I thought about blocking you/ I thought about stalking you/ I thought about calling you but will that ever give me peace or give me a feeling incomplete”, admitting her struggle to get over her ex-lover over the 90’s R&B inspired beat produced by Anu.Wav. TheBeatSmith produces a soothing piano-led beat for the 3rd track, “Midnight Drive”, layering synth harmonies over orchestral keys, and drum riffs that allow Deena Ade’s gorgeous voice to shine, expertly shifting between different vocal ranges to capture the all-consuming melancholy of romantic longing. The song feels cinematic, not just because the lyrics tell a straightforward narrative of love but also because her voice projects her strained emotions.

For “Shako” however, the cinematic feel is accomplished through an opening skit that listens like it was lifted from the dialogue of a romantic film. Here, her Yoruba vocals heighten the charm of her enchanting voice as she pleads with her lover; “It’s only you that I want/ Ma Fi Mi Shako(Don’t play with my feelings). ‘May Love Find You’ closes with “Gbadun”, a slow-burning neo-soul bop with a sultry guitar-led beat produced by Anu.Wav. Though the last track doesn’t exactly provide a resolution to her romantic woes, the sadness and yearning she expresses is so intense that it seems infinite.

Stream Deena Ade’s ‘May Love Find You’ below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/deenaade
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