Start your week with SV’s “RUN IT UP”

Off his debut album, titled "I LOVE YOU SV"

Later this year, London-based Nigerian rapper, SV will release his debut album, ‘I LOVE YOU SV’. Today, The NATIVE is debuting SV’s first single from the album, a self-observing number titled “RUN IT UP”. On “RUN IT UP”, SV raps blithely about drunken mistakes, youthful abandon and self awareness.

SV explained via text that the music sampled on “RUN IT UP” is due to the influence of idols. “I grew up with Kanye West and James Blake as my favorite artists so I’ve always had a love for samples”. He also explains how “RUN IT UP” captures his boyish essence “I’m not the type of guy to drink alone at home, but if given the opportunity while out, I rarely ever pass it up”. Above all else, he says the introspection that forces him to reflect on past mistakes is what inspired this track. Listen to SV’s “RUN IT UP” here:

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