Dice Ailes gets in his Spanish bag on Kaydy Cain’s “Hasta El Piso”

Expanding the song's audience poll with his international appeal

Dice Ailes joins the conversation for afropop’s global takeover with his feature on “Hasta El Piso”, Spanish singer, Kaydy Cain’s new single. The catchy mix of synths, percussions and groovy afropop drums produced by Steven Lean gives the song a party vibe which inspires Kaydy Cain and Dice Ailes to adopt lightweight flows that invite listeners to the dancefloor.

While Kaydy Cain sings sultry Spanish lyrics for his verse and the chorus, Dice Ailes’ mix of English and Spanish lyrics give the song more international appeal. Through his verse, the raunchy intentions of “Hasta El Piso” are exposed to non-Spanish speakers with his verse describing a romantic meeting on the dancefloor.

You can stream “Hasta El Piso” by Kaydy Cain, Dice Ailes and Steven Lean below.

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