Watch Dusten Truce’s video for “Butterfly” featuring 3rty

the old D-Truce came out to play.

The beauty of art lies in the ability of creatives to diversify their ideas, covering different themes with different works. Perhaps discovering that the mainstream plays a great role in shaping the kind of music people want to hear at a particular time, we have so many artists who debut with songs about activism, feminism, sexuality and then tap a little bit into Love songs. Because in the heart of entertainment, it’s not hard to see that love-themed songs are the most exported. Earlier this year, X3M signee, Dusten Truce released his first official single “Butterfly” a highlife-influenced love song featuring 3rty and now he’s followed it up with a visual.

The video reiterates the theme of the song, following the story of an unfaithful young man navigating his way through a steady flow of women. While his girlfriend somehow manages to remain in the relationship with an adulterous Dusten, his flow is delivered with a flourish only an accomplished artist would exude.

In the light of recent attitude towards feminism and psychological violence meted out to women, it’s almost cringe-worthy to see “Butterfly” glorify infidelity and polyamory. These things are usually unintended by the creator, and thankfully, Dusten is only just gradually coming up for air. There is still has time for him to work on delivering equally satisfying visuals for quality music.

Watch “Butterfly” below

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