Del’B’s Video, “Boogie down” shows all the best things about house parties

Directed by Adasa Cookey.

Producer Del’B established himself as a recording artist last year with two singles, “Boss Like This” and “Boogie Down”. This year, he continues in that path with the release of a video for “Boogie down”

Directed by Adasa Cookey, the video emphasises the song’s feel-good, dance-inclined Afropop theme with a house party and models. Del’B performs “Boogie Down” at a cookout on a bright sunny day where barbecue grills and swimsuit wearing models are shown to convey the festive motif of the song. Though some people are seen just sitting around, other scenes show people playing video games, board games and dancing to the music Del’B produced himself. The party goes on till nightfall but the energy never subsides.

Watch “Boogie down” below.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/DelBVevo

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