Check out the video for Niniola’s and Busiswa “Magun” remix

Directed by clearance peters

Earlier this year, Niniola teamed up with South Africa singer, Busiswa for the remix of “Magun”, one of the stand out tracks ‘This is me‘, her album debut. Busiswa matches Niniola’s teasingly seductive lyrics with Xhosa oomph tinctured with English lines.

In spite of the raunchy nature of both singer’s verses on the remix of “Magun”, the video Clearance Peters directs for the remix is far less suggestive. While the video for the original single showed Niniola’s dancers giving life to the cheeky lyrics, Ninola takes front and centre for the remix’s video. While singing “Only The Foreplay Is Allowed For You”, she’s seen moving from a limpid doll package— She’s the doll—to the pages of magazines. The scenes with Bususwa are set against colourful backdrops of dancers in bright African print dancing against equally colourful walls.

Check out the video for Niniola’s “Magun” remix featuring Busiswa here:

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Niniola

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