Gavi’s “Sefunmi” tells of his pop star beginnings and aspirations

A promising rookie details his coming of age

“Sefunmi” is the sort of song artists spend some phases of their careers writing: on true friends (real Gees), trust in God for greater good, hustle and quest for money, tapping into life issues that fall under universal themes. The “one day boys must chop, one day food go come” dictum that should be believed melting into “shout out to my niggas, one day o Adura wa a gba” is a stretch of songwriting that many artists have mimicked. It makes sense that Gavi will sing a song of this kind though, since he has been on his own journey of reinvention, finishing school and trying to find his life’s purpose to see where this music thing is really headed. After all, not everyone comes fully formed having all of life’s worries figured out.

The composition and production benchmarks of “Sefunmi” doesn’t come close to capturing depth but it will probably define Gavi for a kick off to a genuine phase of his career. Which is fine because Gavi has been ascending and descending on the path, often changing his name and leaving one SoundCloud account for another. For now he’s a promising rookie worth giving 3 minutes of your time to.

It feels a little like a prayer, take a moment and have a listen to Gavi’s “Sefunmi” produced by K.J. below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@Gaviofficial

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