‘Day of Destiny’, ‘2 Weeks in Lagos’ & More On Netflix This July

Akay Mason's 'DOD' is out now

In an ever-changing world, people are constantly looking for engaging entertainment. Thus, streaming platforms have to compete for user satisfaction. Netflix, one of the largest streaming platforms continues to meet this demand by pivoting into new territories.

Its recent expansion into pan-African-focused content only enlarges its global reach. All year, titles such as ‘Sugar Rush’, ‘Citation’ and ‘Oloture’ have become fan favourites in these parts. This month, Netflix Naija is acquiring more Nigerian titles including ‘Rattlesnake’, Akay Mason and Abosi Ogba’s ‘Day of Destiny’, and more.


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As we’re already halfway into the month, some of these titles are already showing. However, we’ve got you covered on a complete list of movies and series to expect this July alongside their expected arrival dates. Enjoy.

Rattlesnake – The Ahana Story


After Ahanna Okolo’s life as he knows it ends, he decided to steal the life he always wanted. He has one rule – No bloodshed. He sets up a team to pull off an incredible heist but his crimes make too many enemies.

Last Request


Danny must marry a wife and have a child after being diagnosed with a terminal illness in order to appease his father. This request has his family spiraling out of control.

Day of Destiny (D.O.D)


D.O.D is the thrilling adventure of two teenage boys, Chidi and Rotimi, who seize an opportunity to travel back in time and change their peniless parents’ past, directed by Akay Mason and Abosi Ogba.

2 Weeks In Lagos


2 weeks in Lagos is an exciting journey into the lives of Ejikeme and Lola. Their lives cross paths when Ejikeme, an investment banker returns to Lagos from the US with Charlie, who is also Lola’s brother. They fall in love and get married despite his family’s plans for him to marry a politician’s daughter.

Santitation Day


When a man is brutally murdered, 4 suspects emerge. Two cops contend with the uncooperative tenants of an apartment to try and solve this case. However, the police have till 10 AM to deal with the case before the crime scene is wiped clean.


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