David Meli dedicates his new single to his number one lover, “Sade”

And every other Sade out there

It’s fair to say a large chunk of pop songs written by men reference women. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more popular subject matter in Nigerian pop than women, chasing them, lusting after their bodies, getting hurt by them, dumping them. This preoccupation is reflected in Nigeria with the ever increasing number of songs named after them. If your name is Folake, Ada, Diana or the infamous Carolina, chances are you’ve already gotten name dropped more than a few times by your favorite Nigerian artists. David Meli continues to push the romantic narrative with his new single “Sade“.


Before you start making the Adekunle Gold comparisons, we should state well in advance that other than the name they share, both songs could not be any more different. Produced by Caleb T, “Sade” has a peppy synth percussion with an even deeper electronic baseline. David Meli singing radiates the warmth of the newly in love. The bouncy drums and harmonies gives the love song a dancehall sheen that encourages a feature on club DJ turntables. But the lyrics stick to the subject of love as David Meli sings praises for his “Number One Lover”.

While a lot of singers get carried away in the description of their love, David Meli takes time out to list what he’ll do to ensure that the love lasts; “Touching My Baby Slowly/ I’ve Seen Lots Of Girls But I Run Far Away/ I’ll Keep You Company”. Much like the feeling of being in love, the charm of “Sade” is the lightweight vibe of the song.

Listen to David Meli’s “Sade” below.


Featured Image Credits: Instagram/daviid_meli

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