Dare Olaitan, filmmaker of “Ojukokoro”, releases trailer for “Knock Out Blessing”

Another growth spurt from one of the successful filmmakers of our generation

In a NATIVE exclusive interview with Dare Olaitan back in April, we established that Knock Out Blessing will represent the culmination of yet another growth spurt for the successful filmmaker behind 2017’s Ojukokoro. Olaitan has finally released the first video teaser of the movie, which visually depicts many of what he revealed to us in the interview.

The trailer for Olaitan’s second movie, Knock Out Blessing shows the lead actor, Blessing (played by Ade Laoye), “who was born in the village, and comes to Lagos after a great personal tragedy with her grandpa (played by Gbenga Titiloye), who was training her to be a boxer for a competition”, Olaitan says.

After her father’s death, Blessing moves to Lagos where she encounters three prostitutes who do their work with high ranking men (politicians, senators, elites) of Lagos. They rob this men of money and possessions, but the men never take matters to the police because they won’t want to be associated with prostitutes, as a result of their status in the society.

It is expected that the movie will include a lot of VFX and CGI, as Dare said in the interview, which is the reason it has “taken a while” for the crew to conclude production. Now, all seems set for a fixed release date, which Olaitan will announce soon. With allusions to politicians (a senator) as seen in the trailer, we can only expect that it will be released in the lead up to Nigeria’s 2019 elections, —as many artists have also recently had their share prices of metaphorical expressions to approach the subject and elites in the society.

The video previews few seconds of other actors including Meg Otanwa, Linda Ejiofor, Demola Adedoyin, Bucci Franklin, Tope Tedela, Udoka Oyeka amongst others. It also previews some scenery from Abeokuta where the production crew shot some of the movie scenes.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Dare Olaitan’s Knock Out Blessing below.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Dare Olaitan

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