Next James Bond potentially between John Boyega and Idris Elba

According to filmmaker, Noel Clarke

Fans and everyone else have discussed speculations of who would be the next James Bond since Daniel Craig announced his plans to step down as the character.

John Boyega and Idris Elba have been among the actors suggested by fans to take over the role as the 13th Bond Character along with Tom Hardy and James Norton.

At the moment, Idris Elba is popular choice for the role, which would make him the first black Bond since the franchise launched in 1962. But BAFTA-winning filmmaker, Noel Clarke doesn’t think Idris will be hired for the role because the world isn’t ready for a black Bond yet.

According to him, Peckham Born 24 year-old, John Boyega will most likely be given the role in seven years. He predicts that a black actor will only be given the role after it has been played by a white actor for seven more years, by that time, Idris Elba – who is now 45 – will be too old to play the role.

Speaking to Talk Stew, Noel Clarke said:

“Idris won’t get it. Here’s what will happen. I don’t think they’re ready for a black Bond. So there will be another white guy, that guy will do six/seven years, and then John Boyega will be about the right age and so John will be the next one”.

Noel Clarke is an award winning screenwriter, director, and comic book writer from London. He is best known for writing and starring in 2006’s Kidulthood, and he has since directed, written and starred in two films in the franchise, Adulthood and Brotherhood.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/JohnBoyega

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