Dapo Tuburna’s “Nothing” gets the street anthem video it deserves

Street Anthems everywhere you look

Tinny Entertainment doesn’t play. Fresh off announcing that it has signed rapper Bella Alubo and afro-pop singer Dapo Tuburna, the label has put out the first video release for Tuburna’s single Nothing, the first off a yet unnamed EP. It is interesting that Tinny Entertainment is partnering with The Zone Agency, Tuburna’s previous agency to release the video. It stands to reason that this unlikely collaboration will extend to the rest of the EP, which was most likely recorded under T.Z.A.

The video for Nothing directed by Avalon Okpe, doesnt stray too far from the effective but well worn trope of street anthems that showcase the artist in the grittier parts of Lagos, they even thrown in a live band just for kicks. Some animation keeps things interesting and Avalon Okpe is a genius with drone shots but ultimately thematically this a video we’ve seen a thousand times before. Dapo Tuburna needs not worry, Nothing will find it’s audience. But he needs to bring it for his next song.