Accra Food Festival

The Accra Food Festival celebrated everything we love about Ghana

Ghana is clearly not done with us with the amount of festivities churned out in the past few months. They are mostly done in summer when everyone has the time to attend.

Summer is over but Accra managed to sneak in a two days Accra Food Festival hosted by Accra Premium, which took place at the grand Independence Square.

Exactly what you are thinking about right now is what happened at the food festival, yes, there was fried plantains. No? Bear in mind that there was also goat meat, kebabs, pizza, popcorn, tasty looking women and men, fashion, alcohol and music. Everything a festival should have.

But here is what caught my attention. 

On the issue of climate change, saving the earth and recycling I thought it was really nice to have a display of plants for sale at the Accra Food festival. Potheads, as is the name of the company that took up a space, had lovely things to say about plants and its benefits to us in terms of oxygen and air purification. To top it all off they had the plants stored in recycled plastic bottles that was cut and then placed inside a woven basket. The aesthetic!

Being a lover of extreme sports it was easy for me to be drawn to the beauty of power-bikers from Ghana’s Bikers Forum out in the square meeting and greeting.

Dancers from the Universal Wonderful Street Academy took turns to do acrobatics and play with fire.

I thought it was really cool that a barber, despite the food mixture, thought it was nice to come out and give the fellas cool cuts. He was far away at the extreme end but I wandered into him.

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