Watch CKay and Dremo party like cool kids on “Gaddemit”

Another prop up for a relaxing weekend because you've earned it

What producers can’t express with words, they do with their sounds and in Afropop, the weight of the groovy music can sometimes render words needless. However, in spite Afropop’s dependency on good beats, the music producers responsible for the hits tend to get sidelined by the artist’s fame. CKay who is responsible for a large chunk of Chocolate City songs comes with a new single latest single, “Gaddemit”  featuring Dremo.

CKay produced the beat for “Gaddemit” using catchy drums and spacey piano chords layered with funk riffs. The vibrant beat threatens to drag the single to the dark place where noisy songs go to die but with the Tekno-inspired minimalist beat movement, it levels the arrangement and waxes strong on melody. Ckay layers his melodies with an auto tune filter that helps him show his enthusiasm for catchy lyrics and dance tunes. The pseudo-romantic number features a verse from Dremo who delivers his classic dark humor bars referencing the popular Kemit meme this time. But he still managed to throw in a few regrettably backward lines like “Now your bae gone like the one that flit”.

“Gaddemit” hints at a singer/songwriter career with a lot of potential. The Chocolate City producer now recording artist’s sophomore single if pushed to the right corners can finally give CKay the credit he undoubtedly believes he deserves. He has promised more releases before the year comes to an end and if “Gaddemit” is any indication of what’s to come then we have our ears tuned in.

Though the song is okay, the video directed by Unlimited L.A is a bit difficult to follow. It’s set like a day in the life of a music star who wakes up with hot models around him but feels too generous to keep them to himself. So he does the gentlemanly thing by ordering drinks and calling his bro to join the party. Asides the distracting scribbles bouncing across the screen, the video also managed to prove that as drab as parties with more guys are, parties with more girls are even worse. But don’t let that stop you from having fun this weekend.

Watch CKay and Dremo chill out on “Gaddemit” video below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/ckay_yo

Listen to Dremo’s “Next single”

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