Watch Yung L, Chocolate City’s latest signee, in video for his latest single “Cheers”

See what happens in the life of your average Superstar before the cameras come on

Words by Fisayo Okare

Every celebrity isn’t always what he or she present their self to be in the spotlight and Yung L’s video explores that concept. On “Cheers” he takes us on a journey starring himself and a motley crew of diverse characters all somehow playing a role in Yung L’s journey to relevance.

The music video for “Cheers” begins with a woman, presumably Yung L’s mum dressed in the Celestial church of Christ white ceremonial dress as she prays in her sitting room for her child (Yung L),

“Oluwa bami gbe ga”.

This represents the typical Nigerian mother and the idea that the intercessions of mothers are integral to the success of their children, as they are the ones who do all the actual praying against all those “enemies” that artists always sing about.

“Cheers acoustic leanings is highlighted with shots of two men hanging out. They are the instrumentalists who will play at Yung L’s party, while the girls that are shown are anticipating the weekend’s festivities. On the side, Yung L’s tailor takes his measurement for the poised outfit he is going to wear at his performance. All is quite calm and boring, but all roads seemingly lead to the weekend.

Artists often have uneventful, even outright boring private lives, every moment of which is geared towards those fleeting moments when the artist gets to slip into their stage personas and really live.

The video ends with shots showing the Choc Boi Nation (CBN) president, M.I Abaga, DJ Lambo and others. They sign out each, as if to show Yung L, their label’s latest signee, is now one with the team.

Check Out Yung L’s video for “Cheers” below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/yunglmrmarley

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