“Wait” ensures Teni doesn’t miss the love train this season

Teni The entertainer is playing superhero on new single, "Wait"

Love has the tendency to morph us into one of those sad romantics often depicted in moves along the plotlines about bad relationships. Often the lovers forget that compassion isn’t a relationship between a healer and the wounded but between equals.  Savior complex becomes an obsession with being involved in the healing process of people who are supposed to care for one another and Teni expresses this on her latest single, “Wait”.

As Teni sings about her dedication to helping a lover work through his baggage for as long as it may take, it’s impossible to ignore her idea of being her lover’s crutch. Though more often than not, the need to keep trying to “fix” whatever’s necessary to keep the one you love around and making lifetime promise is bad for both partners in the relationship. Teni’s “Wait” has all the markings of a love song intended for the season, but it’s noteworthy for her desire to play a superhero that spandex allergies aren’t pretty.

Stream Teni’s “Wait” here;

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/tenientertainer

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