Ric Hassani releases track list to Album, “African Gentleman” and new single “Sweet Mother”

An upcoming debut from one of the last creators of African R N'B

There are murmurs that African RnB is dead, but at some point last year, someone would have suggested you listen to Ric Hassani, a 28-year-old from Eastern Nigeria whose voice and facial expression carry empathy. “Gentleman”, his most successful single has its thematic linings told on love as Ric compels a lover to leave a man not worthy to be hers. He had continuously teased a minute of the video through a sponsored post on Instagram, with a somber cut of melody and classic-man vintage aesthetic. Before year end,  enthusiastic coverage of Ric Hassani included his performance of “Gentleman” at Lagos Fashion Design Week, snowballing into another performance of the song at his Ted Talk this year. His debut album, African Gentleman, folds “Gentleman”, and other pre-released singles like “Only You” and “Marry You” into a world that is engrossed in love and romantic longing.

But there’s more than that: Ric hassani’s debut serves a little more than just three songs. He has released the track list to a standard and deluxe edition along side new single, “Sweet Mother” and the album’s cover art. See below.




His new song “Sweet Mother” is alive with the love from his girl and his mother. “Sweet Mother” hears Ric Hasani deliver eager declarations everyone makes when they’re in love. With phrases like “my sugar pumpkin, you’re so sweet” and “my choice milo, you know you mean the world to me”, Ric chants in an alto voice over drum thrums and a string instrument that’s both Afropop and highlife. The musical arrangements and his shuffling between singing and spoken word towards the end of the song, may just bring nostalgia of Prince Nico Mbarga’s “Sweet Mother”.

Have a listen at “Sweet Mother” featuring Mumba Yachi and pre-order the full album below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@richassani

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Watch Ric Hassani’s “Only You” here