Masterkraft gets a word in on breaking free of societal construct with new single, “Go”

Inspired by a muse seeking adventure into the forest

Creatives have their unique processes but inspiration is something they all require, though the source could vary. The creativity of Nigerian artists has been called to question a number of times but Masterkraft’s latest single checks all the boxes. 

He recently announced via an Instagram post, his intention to spend a week close to a forest where he’ll seek creative inspiration to make 5 beats each day. “Go”, the producer’s latest single, is expected to be the first of the 35 different nature-inspired songs to feature in a project called Project 35—you know, cause 5 beats every day for seven days.

“Go” has all the feels of an artist seeking adventure, with jungle influenced harmonies making up the track’s baseline. The dance-inclined single preaches freedom, a quality codified into it’s becoming with sounds of birds chirping amidst the harmony of other nature-inspired sounds in the arrangement.

At a time when more emphasis is being placed on individuality and standing out, Masterkraft gets a word in with “Go”, a song that will do just fine on the dance floor too. The mix of different jungle animals noises at the close of the track somewhat feels like a gimmick, but the gesture fits into the context of Masterkraft’s recent adventures, so we can’t complain.

Listen to MasterKraft’s “Go” below.

Featured image credit: Instagram/masterkraft_

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