Bruk It Down: Genio and GMK on the Making of Cruel Santino & Koffee’s “Deadman Bone”

Featuring the Monster Boys

“Bruk It Down”, a video series shining a light on the producers and beat-makers behind the scenes, as they break down the intricacies of the songs we listen to every day. In the sixth edition of our NATIVE Original, The Monster Boys: Genio and GMK take us through the making of Cruel Santino and Koffee’s “Deadman Bone.”

Cruel Santino’s sonic universe is usually a marvel to behold. Right from cult classic ‘Suzie’s Funeral’ to more popular cuts like “Rapid Fire” and “Freaky”, the multidisciplinary creative has favoured edgy, layered beats over what is preferred elsewhere across Afropop. Last month, the artist shared his anticipated sophomore album ‘Subaru Boys: FINAL HEAVEN’, inviting a host of collaborators to build that world with him.


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A frequent name you’ll see on the credits for ‘Subaru Boys: FINAL HEAVEN’ is the producer duo Monster Boys, made of GMK and Genio Bambino. Across the tape their production glistens, possessing the bewitching twist we’ve come to know Santino by. After the album was released, no one seemed to get enough of “DEADMAN BONE,” one of the album’s early standouts.

The record’s incandescent vibe resonated among a number of listeners who surely relished how Santi and the Grammy-winning Koffee linked up with great chemistry. Complementing the vividness of their vocal delivery is the production, a sizzling bounce that’s irresistible to get off your head once it hits.

For the latest edition of Bruk It Down, the duo walk us through the making of “DEADMAN BONE”. From multiple rimshots to steady 808s and crowd chants, here’s how an eternal banger was made.

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