Nasty C celebrates the success of sophomore album with the music video For “Strings & Blings”

An overt nod to the double platinum royalty

Nasty C has had a storied rise, breaking out as South African rap’s wunderkind and rising into African rap royalty. Last year, the rapper released his stellar sophomore album, ‘Strings & Blings’, and the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) recently announced that the album is certified Double Platinum with each song on the album going Gold as well. In celebration of this milestone, Nasty C has just shared the music video for the album’s title track on its one year anniversary.

Harkening back to the music video for his 2016 hit song, “Hell Naw”, the Kyle White-directed video for “Strings & Blings” is an overt nod to Nasty C’s celebrity status. The video features Nasty C performing his lyrics in the company of young people at a school, at a local football field, and on the streets of his hometown, all of whom clearly adore the rapper. At the beginning of the video, shots of Nasty C sharing his plaque with South African hip-hop legends like Swatta Kamp’s Slikour and highly regarded DJ, Ms. Cosmos, are spliced together as a way to pay homage to those who have assisted the rapper with his career over the year.

Watch the video for “Strings & Blings” here.

Featured Image Credits: Youtube/Nasty_C
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