Listen to Blaqbonez’s new sensual single, “Commander”

Days after his anti-love crusade

Last Sunday, Blaqbonez gave his 2021 debut album, ‘Sex > Love’, a befitting live concert experience at his anti-love crusade. The concert stamped his growth from infamous rap rabble rouser to veritable fusion artist with mainstream success. While he’s expanded his delivery format to rely heavily on melodies, as a way of creating hit songs, Blaqbonez still approaches his music as a project artist, much as he did in his years honing his abilities in the underground. He’s already set his sight on his next album, currently titled Young Preacher’, which doesn’t have a release date but is scheduled to drop sometime this year.


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Setting the ball rolling for Blaq’s 2022 new releases is “Commander,” a slinky sex cut that combines boastfulness with scene-setting. Produced by frequent collaborator Type A, the new single continues the pair’s preference for vibrantly coloured Nigerian pop that will fit seamlessly into playlists comprising groovy mid-tempo songs. Featuring oriental guitar riffs, acoustic guitar fills and dembow-inflected percussion rhythm, the sonic make-up of “Commander” acts as the perfect backdrop for Blaqbonez to croon about moving to a love interest and her eventual obsession with his sexual prowess.

Within the opening lines of the first verse, he vaguely recounts putting the moves on her using his star power and, by the hook, he’s using onomatopoeias to describe their sexual encounter. “She say, e dey sweet for body/she tell me say, you’re the air that I breathe,” he sings on the unsubtly self-aggrandising second verse. Running at 180 seconds, Blaqbonez imbues “Commander” with the same rewind-worthy verve as the situation he describes in the song.

Listen to “Commander” here.