Begho and Enzo Pe$o paint a snapshot of their flashy ambition on “Running Man”

The duo perform confident sets to put listeners in an exhilarating mood

One of the many attributes that make Hip-hop so compelling is its ability to put listeners in an exhilarating mood. If you’ve seen what 808s and sub-bass bursts can do to a set of speakers, it’s easy to image rappers hear hip-hop instrumentals and get motivated to make music to soundtrack fight sequence with enemies they imagine in their minds.

The throbbing mix of 808 drums and synth samples that sound like vocal chants Wes produces for “Running Man” is the perfect alley-oop for Begho and Enzo Pe$o’s cocky bars. The two spit confident bars that paint a snapshot of their flashy ambition with lyrics that listen like their mission statement; “Imma be me, understand”. It’s the type of song that can add that extra peep to your step and put you in the mood to rage.

Stream “Running Man” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/beghofromthematrix
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