Mannywellz’s new single abstracts Nigerians “American Dream”

Offering a surprisingly refreshing sentiment

Despite growing up in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia), Mannywellz wears his Nigerian quirks proudly on his sleeves. Back in June, he released “Watermelon” where we heard him invert black stereotypes with a humor born out of his third person perspective of the American society. His latest single, “American Dream” though similarly comical, focuses more on the Nigerian society.

“American Dream” was recorded as a freestyle: “This freestyle is so rough that the second verse is just gibberish” he says on his Soundcloud. And yet it still conveys Mannywellz’s impression of the American dream aptly enough to be released as his 5th single for the year. It finds him detailing how he ended up in America with very little say in the matter over a somber piano led instrumental with acoustic guitar licks and backup choir melodies.

His lyrics, “If It’s My Own Way/ I’ll Tell Her No Way” suggests he wasn’t as excited about the migration as his parents who were obviously sold on the American dream of a better life. And though it’s a refreshing enough sentiment, its transcendent vibe eclipses its plainspoken origins. His old works though clearly experimental, shared links with Chance The Rapper’s singing rap style but “American Dream” is full on pop.

You can stream Mannywellz’s “American Dream” below.



Featured Image Credits: Instagram/mannywellz


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