Melanin Unscripted shares Chi Modu’s “Uncategorized” documentary

Reflecting on his dual upbringing and the impact it had on his iconic photographs

Budweiser’s BUDX showcase hosted Chi Modu’s homecoming exhibition in Lagos last year. The Hip-hop photography icon was in the country to share some of his work and experiences with the younger generation of creatives and Amarachi Nwosu’s creative platform, Melanin Unscripted, have created a documentary from the highlights of the exhibition.

The “Uncategorized” documentary ensures that those who missed out on the BUDX event can catch up on Chi Modu’s works and the experiences he shared. In Amarachi’s words, “The video explores his story as a Hip-Hop documentarian while also highlighting how his work and story has inspired young people around the world.” The documentary emphasizes the role of photographers in the fueling youth culture for skaters, artists, DJ and models. The impression Chi Modu’s photographs had on the foundation of Hip-Hop and American youth culture is inspirational as he has played an instrumental role in both keeping and shaping the culture with his camera.

“Uncategorizerd” follows Chi Modu’s journey through New York and Lagos while he reflects on his dual upbringing and the impact it had on his art, bridging the two cultures at the homecoming exhibition in Lagos. Some of his most defining works with legends such as Tupac, Biggie, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Mary J Blige and others were shown in the documentary as he discusses the strong bonds he built working with each of them and how it helped him capture their more delicate and intimate side.

You can watch the documentary here.

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