Jayz goes to Jamaica, Wizkid gives back: Here are the videos you need to see this week

Jay Z heads to Jamaica, Kodak gets animated and Dremo kills his ex

Dremo – Who

In the same way that it’s understood that soap operas will have absurd story lines that subvert reality and sometimes rationality, we’ve come to expect over the top dramatics in our music videos. Artists are generally in the business of communicating really big feelings, and evocative music videos certainly help to accomplish that goal. And while a person can only handle so much slo-mo and so many night club scenes, it’s those unchecked melodramas that really stick in our minds, spawning everything from torrid one-night stands to 2 Face’s career. Dremo’s video for “Who” directed by Milli reminds us how a well executed music video can quicken the pulse. He comes back from the land of the dead to take revenge on his love interest and her lover who after robbing him, can’t seem to put him down after several attempts.

Justin Skye – Back For More

Nigerian born actor, Rotimi is flourishing in America’s movie industry and even the music industry wants a piece of him. Justin Skye’s Jeremih assisted single, “Back For More” also taps off the “Power” star for a romance themed video that follows their blissful lives till things take a dark turn when they break up. She eventually takes a ride to the beach and hurls a suitcase filled with their pictures into the ocean so the memories no longer haunt her.

Pia Mia – I’m A Fan Feat. Jeremih

Pia Mia’s “I’m A Fan” got a lot of attention in Nigeria because of its undeniable similarity with Phyno’s similar titled track off his The Playmaker album. The mix-up eventually got chalked up to his collaborator, Decarlo giving the song to two different parties. Deliberately ignoring of all this drama, Pia Mia has released the video for the single and she takes advantage of the summer party vibe to shoot a video set in LA . She shows off her dance moves and shares some on-screen chemistry with Jeremih in this video for a song expected to feature on her debut album.

JayZ – Bam

JayZ intent on making sure 4:44 milks as much time as possible on the Billboard 200 albums charts, through a whole roll out campaign of music videos for the singles from the album. The video for “Bam” (the third from the album) is a compelling, documentary-like visual set in Kingston, Jamaica where the Marleys call home. JayZ’s love for art has inspired similar videos in the past; “Picasso Baby” but this time, JayZ focuses on the music saying “We’re all vessels. We’re whistles. The wind goes through us. We make the noise” to describe how the environment influences music. Damian Marley joins him as they tour the neighborhood to see the splendor of Jamaica. Sister Nancy who was sampled on the track also makes an appearance in the video.

Wizkid – Wizkid Takes NYC

Wizkid typically credits his growth from child star to internationally recognized artist to his fans, but his fame has made him that much harder to reach. It’s hardly the singer’s fault since the only way for him to continue to enjoy his fans’ grace is to keep working hard at his craft. And that requires time spent recording and vocal training for his tours around the world. Wizkid has however manged to remain accessible through his media presence felt online and pop-up shows. VEVO recently released a video that documents the Starboy’s New York show were he claims to vibe out with fans and gives back by turning up for free and serving jollof. Cameron Robert & Anupa Mistry directed the video with cuts of Wizkid performing in front of adoring fans.

Kodak Black – Patty Cake

Kodak’s “Tunnel Vision” off his Painting Pictures album peaked at No. 27 on Billboards. He recently dished out a new video for “Patty Cake” from the 17 track album. But instead of the dark and serious theme on “Tunnel Vision”, Kodak Black’s video for “Patty Cake” is filled with ethereal filters, soft lighting, high school setups and an animated Kodak Black.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Kodak Black

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