Noah Aire remains mysterious on new single, “U Don’t Know My Story”

It's cute but too vague to pack a punch

Up to this point, Soundcloud has largely been a cautiously experimental vehicle for new artists, some of whom churned out hits despite being independent and relatively unknown before the fact. Noah Aire might not come be the first artist to come to mind though he sometimes pulls in thousands of listens on his releases. But his latest single, “U Don’t Know My Story” finds him more focused on discovery.

Over a decidedly electronic beat with synths, 808 drums and claps, he sings confidently in a smooth, tenor that he commands with a pattering agility. Going at a “Superficial” lover who “(Doesn’t) Know His Grind”, Noah Aire wants to get more credit for his efforts. Though it’s a technically accomplished trick, his songwriting lets him down. Instead of coming off as mysterious or suffered, “U Don’t Know My Story” spins drama that is too dull and vague.

He may have gotten away with it on his zany and eccentric “1:32 Today” single, but singing “You Don’t Know Why I’m Running” and following it up with “I Put My Hands To Work Because The Time Is Tough” does nothing in the way of character development. “U Don’t Know My Story” sound like shticky put-on instead of resourceful identity-building.

He nails the mood of the song though via the peppy and legato synth work he produces himself. Listen to Noah Aire’s “U Don’t Know My Story” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/noahxos

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