Listen To DJ Yin And Vic Sax On DJ Java’s “Lady”

Try not to break the replay button for this one

DJ Yin’s cross from spinning records to making music led to her debut release, “What You Started”, an Afro-house single produced by Bankyondbeatz. Her new effort comes via a feature on DJ Java’s “Lady”. DJ Java has worked with Ajebutter in the past on “Bisola Coker”, “Lady” is his first official release of the year.

“Lady” has a similar Afro-House beat with “Bisola Coker” but with a slower tempo and a lighter bass. The romantic theme of “Lady” might have influence the decision to opt for a more subtle Afro-drum pattern and EDM piano riffs but it blends just right for DJ Yin. Vic Sax’s influence is felt at the end of “Lady” the with a jazz solo.

DJ Java has put together a very groovy mixture of EDM and Afro sounds without sacrificing one at the expense of the other. “Lady” has all the right features to help boast the popularity of Afro-house and with enough radio play, the genre might begin to rival the mainstream Afropop.

Listen to DJ Java’s “Lady” featuring DJ Yin and Vic Sax below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/djjavaofficial

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