Listen to Boyewa’s new single, “Conyarevival.radio1”

A groovy baseline you won't regret catching

Boyewa is about as secretive and enigmatic as Daft Punk and as press-averse and slow-working as Frank Ocean. His songs have always been a magnet for words like “seemingly” and “apparently,” and conducive to conspiracy theories about his anonymity because so little is known about him for sure. Take the 6-minute length of his latest release, “Conyarevival.radio1”, for instance (Let’s move past his bizarre title this time). The actual recording only lasts till the 2:14 minute-mark, leaving listeners to wait in silence for the rest of the 4 minutes. Maybe he just likes the way the sound-graph looks on his Soundcloud, or he wants listeners to take the time to reflect on what they just heard, we may never know for sure.

What we know from listening to the warped bass thud, percussion harmonies and slinky, submerged synth lines gorgeously suffocating Boyewa’s own chopped-up croon isn’t much either. Asides how tantalizing his darkly-shaded slice of echo-pop is, his distorted vocals on “Conyarevival.radio1” won’t provide any grand discovery or even words to latch on to. Just good baseline and melody to groove to.

Listen to Boyewa’s “Conyarevival.radio1” below.

Featured Image Credits: Soundcloud/boyewa

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