Dami Oniru Returns With Her Sophomore EP, ‘Matter Of Time’

Her first solo project in 4 years

In 2017, when Dami Oniru arrived into the music scene, she stood out for many reasons including her distinct honeyed voice of gold. At the time, the singer released the record “Iyawo,” and captured the hearts and ears of many with her unique vocal performance . After making appearances on records such as “Casted” and “Farabale” both with Odunsi The Engine, Dami Oniru soon made her indispensable mark on the Nigerian alternative music scene, and she’s been contouring her voice around lovelorn pleas ever since.


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After taking a two-year hiatus to perfect her craft, she released her debut EP ‘Bri’s Lounge’ in 2019. The body of work featured the standouts “Higher” and her hit record “Alive,” which coursed through topics such as love, romance, levelling up and being a better version of herself.  Co-produced by herself and Remy Baggings, the 7-tracker allowed the artist to show a level of vulnerability while displaying stellar lyricism.

Now, 4 years later, Dami Oniru is back with her sophomore EP which is titled ‘Matter Of Time.’ Produced by herself and long time friend Remy Baggings, the project focuses on Dami Oniru’s growth, development, self-love and self-expression, coursing through the lessons she’s learnt since her debut on the scene. The 20-minute long project features powerful records such as “Emotions” and the promotional single, “Soft Life.”

The latter sees the artist speaking about her wish to live her life to the fullest and focus on the positive aspects of life. Over the melodious production of the track, she sings “I just want this soft life, enjoy all the time/If you give me money money, I know I’ll be fine” while the former sees the artist chanting the lyrics “You fall in love with the right guys too, you hold me down when I’m nice to you/You fell in love with the lifestyle oh, do anything to do right by you,” letting her muse know she’ll always be there in time of need. 

With such a firm grasp of her sound and a relatable writing style, it’s clear that Dami Oniru has released her most cohesive project yet. Armed with silk croons and alluring melodies, she’s learning how to become her own type of star with the tools in her repertoire. As sophomore projects go, Matter Of Time’ is a solid body of work that exhibits an ever-growing trajectory for the Lagos-based singer as she ascends in the game.

Listen to ‘Matter Of Time’ here.

Featured Image Credits/Dami Oniru