Gunzz releases two new singles, “Boomerang” and “Good Time”

Focused on the lightweight theme of romance

“Boomerang” and “Good Time”, the two new singles from Gunzz are a case study on how to survive, defying this era crippled with worry. It would have been easy enough for the American-based rapper to pen some bars about the difficulty of the modern condition as he did on “Sunday School”, off his ‘Once Upon a goD’ project. Instead he seems to have developed a tunnel vision for the lightweight theme of romance. On “Boomerang”, he’s aware of the potential danger for his emotional investment in his love interest, but he doesn’t let the anxiety get to him, singing, “You Gon’ be The Death of Me/ Bury Me Out in Tokyo”.

“Good Time” is also dedicated to a love interest and being unworried about life. Over the mellow synth-led beat he produces with rattling samples, percussion and electronic guitar harmonies, he sweet talks a love interest, promising a good time courtesy of the “Drugs and the Henny”.

You can stream “Boomerang” and “Good Time” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/obagunzz
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