CHx, PayBac and ODC team up for a triumphant new single, “Gas”

A summer slap about grinding your teeth off on ecstasy

There are lots of reason to be upset in 2018, the real task is finding the beam of hope to hold on to while going through the rough. CHx’s new single, “Gas” featuring PayBac and ODC is a triumphant single, musing about the relatable challenges of life. With the somber layers of synths and driving drum pattern CHx produces, PayBac and ODC’s lyrics sound world-weary, even when they’re trading flex lines about their rap skill. Though both rappers complain about their needs, they are very conscious of their superior rap skill, and make sure everyone else recognizes it. Saying “Life A Bitch, I Got Screwed/ I Need Cash, And I Know” for the catchy hook, “Gas” is a summer slap about grinding your teeth off on ecstasy. And while that in itself is great, given the challenges we’ve had to deal with this year, it should be an anthem for a number of jaw-clenching reasons.

You can stream CHx, PayBac and ODC’s “Gas” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/charlie_xtreme
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