Chiwetel Ejiofor to join Beyonce, Earl James and others in Disney’s The Lion King

Be prepared for the death of a King.

Hakuna matata – what a wonderful phrase!

Show me someone who’s never watched The Lion King, and I will show you the rock they’ve been living under. I mean that in the most humble way.  And before the intellectuals go off on how much every other Disney movie is, a basic iteration of princesses, or how movies like Aladdin are pretty superficial, and the feminists go off on Disney’s depiction of women, referencing the Cinderellas and the Auroras, I would love to first of all say that, it is okay to enjoy things without getting scholarly about it, and while there are the Elsas, Mulans and the Tianas  who are, however subconsciously, instilling in young girls the idea that you can be independently empowered.  In the heart of it all, there are also the Lion Kings, or rather there is The Lion King.

For a lot of us, The Lion King stood out because, it dealt with issues like death, grief, vengeance, giving up a life of comfort to save something that no one else even thinks is worth saving anymore. Not for glory or for love but because it’s right, which is what growing up really means.  And for a kid’s movie these are pretty much substantial subjects. I fall under the group of people who, no matter how many times a Disney classic is remade, will watch it like it’s brand new.  you can only imagine my joy at the news of a remake of this 1994 Disney classic “The Lion King” and what’s more, the cast is simply legendary, with the Iconic John Kani, Alfre Woodard, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Childish Gambino, Dr Earl James, and the legendary Beyonce. amongst other, you can perhaps see why this might grow to become the most anticipated movies of 2019, if only for it’s inclusive cast.


In days of old, white actors pretty much played every lead role, irrespective of the true nationality or race of the portrayed Hero/Heroine. so if you’re wondering, why Disney decided to go all the way out, by predominantly casting African Americans for The Lion King remake. I’ll tell you the reason is perhaps, because they came under fire on social media after they tried casting a white person to play Chinese character Mulan, so they’re trying to do better, or because Jada Pinkett-Smith and other actors have in the last few months called out the entertainment industry on their racial discrimination against black actors and directors. but whatever the reason, it is obvious that Disney has gotten much more progressive with their castings [Think Mena Massoud: Aladdin]. and until The Lion King actually hits our screen, with Chiwetel singing the most Iconic villain song, we’re saying “Be Prepared”.