Mr Eazi and Major Lazer Remix “Leg Over” featuring French Montana and Ty Dolla Sign

Bringing a sleeper hit back into consciousness

Mr Eazi who was born in Nigeria but educated in Ghana, understands the core properties of the music business, even if it’s by sprawling theories and controversies on the internet or just by catching any opportunity to make good music with good enough people.

On “Leg Over (remix )” he finds ideal partners in Major Lazer, French Montana and Ty Dolla Sign. His “Leg Over” song which was already nearly a sleeper hit is brought back into consciousness as he closes the gap between genres to crop out a more transcontinental appeal. The track is powered by the same sound (worked by Ekelly) housed on the original with a little trilling synth tweaking by production trio, Major Lazer.

With Mr Eazi’s magnetic presence on the track, Montana and TY’s verses blend with the song’s theme and meaning, improving the song’s charm by dint of the same loose narrative Mr Eazi sung the original. The song is opened by Montana who follows up with a snappy verse, he passes it on to Mr Eazi, who still takes much of the spotlight and TY Dolla Sign sings next before Eazi closes the track.

Bump “Leg Over (remix)” below.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/majorlazer “Leg over (remix)”

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