Zamir and YCee collaborate on new single, “Anti”

An intoxicating blend of anarchy and irreverence

Zamir’s music thrives on a personal, intoxicating blend of anarchy and irreverence. “I don’t like people, yeah I know/antisocial, and I know”, Zamir raps on the hook to his new single, “Anti”, continuing down the path of his chosen ethos. On his sole verse, he delivers a slew of conceited brags related to his young OG status, as well as his affluence via catchy flips like, “they should call my neck Jon/that shit snow”.

Flexing the weight of his phonebook, Zamir features YCee who contributes a verse, delivering a playful but cocky set in line with the already laid out, self-assured intentions of the song. Perfectly accentuating the lyrics from both rappers, Tochi Bedford produces a menacing, minimalist trap beat mixing ominous piano harmonies, finger snaps and a low rumbling drum pattern with 808 bass and greasy hi-hats. All parts accounted for, “Anti” is a guaranteed mosh pit starter.

You can stream “Anti” Below.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram/KingZamir_LOS
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