Yung L upends Kanye and Lil Pump’s “I Love It” with a dancehall cover

and it's absolutely fire

Kanye West fans are very conflicted these days. Since Yeezy’s TMZ rant a few weeks ago, the rapper has moved from strength to strength with one publicity stunt after the other. When he is not fueling the coal to a feud between Pusha T and Drake, he’s tweeting pseudo-conscious one-liners with faulty logic. His latest stunt by way of being “Kanye” is a collaboration with rapper, Lil Pump who joins him on “I Love It”, a seemingly satirical single and corresponding video he premiered at the inaugural edition of the Pornhub awards.

It’s hard to tell if “I Love It” is currently charting a #6 on the Billboard because people understand the message behind the track, but thankfully all of that ambiguity is needless on Yung L’s latest cover. His deep husky voice rumbles on the “I Love It” baseline as he fuses clever wordplay with patois. Yung L isn’t one known to be subliminal though, the last few moments of the track where he upends Lil Pump’s “You such a fucking hoe” with “You know, your girlfriend is a hoe”, tells you all you need to know.

Stream Yun L’s “I Love It” cover below: