Listen to Darkovibes’ “Stay Woke”, featuring Stonebwoy

Produced by Jumpoff

Loving in spite of the inevitable end is the theme for Darkovibes latest single “Stay Woke” featuring Stonebwoy. The conversations that usually accompany the song’s title, “Stay Woke”, may lead you to believe that they sing of carefully navigating your way through whatever the situation is, staying aware, but this is not the case. Darkovibes and Stonebwoy invite the disaster that they foresee, reminding us that the end doesn’t really matter if the journey is fun. They serenade a lover who they are aware isn’t right for them, but attempt to avoid this reality with a combination of vices and a living in the moment. The mid-tempo synth piano instrumentals Jumpoff produces for “Stay Woke” is volatile enough to accommodate the dreaminess of romance, the discomfort of the inevitable end and nostalgia.

Listen to “Stay Woke” featuring Stonebwoy here:

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/Darkovibes

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