Yinka Oshodi talks relationship insecurities on new single, “Options”

Featuring Remy Baggins

Yinka Oshodi’s latest single, “Options” is a relateable show of how insecurities ruin relationships.


The paradoxical marriage of her gloomy, waterlogged doom with a confident poise, finds the singer giving a picturesque depiction of a trouble romance struggling under the weight of self-esteem issues. Though Yinka Oshodi’s captivating and cocksure vocals takes lead—singing her verse and the chorus—it’s featured artist, Remy Baggins who’s verse reveals the crude truth to Yinka Oshodi’s boastful confessions.

Over the mid-tempo synth led beat Remy Baggin produces, Yinka Oshodi lays down the usually unaddressed worries of dating an attractive partner. While she’s clearly aware of her own charm, even going as far as admitting she “Got Options/ A Thousand And One”, Remy Baggins’ rap-fueled rejoinder provides an argument against making assumptions based on insecure emotions.

Stream Yinka Oshodi’s “Options” featuring Remy Baggins below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/yinka.oshodi

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