YCee teams up with Joyner Lucas for “Juice” Remix

A sincerely cordial team up, making the romantic number even more intimate

There was a time in 2017 when it was nearly impossible to be anywhere for more than five minutes and not hear YCee’s “Juice”. You can probably hear it in your head even now: the catchy drum riff, YCee’s coy and sugary vocals, delivering that euphoric hook, “Too Much Juice, Too Much Sauce”. Despite the foray of hits single that punctuated the year, there was no denying its impact and ubiquity.

While we wait on the dust to settle on the rush of new Afropop releases this year, YCee is reviving last year’s summer hit, “Juice”, with a remix featuring American rapper, Joyner Lucas. Joyner Lucas takes the first verse as he tries to impress a love interest before he switches to a more melodic vocal performance that mirrors YCee’s penchant for mixing his rapping with singing. YCee also adds a new verse blurring the lines separating rap and R&B as if to say he never needed the Maleek Berry feature to make the song melodic and catchy.

Unlike previous international collaborations, Joyner Lucas’ feature on the remix of “Juice” seems organic and free from industry politicking; They are both relatively new artists making a wave in their respective states. The balanced alliance makes their team up sincerely cordial and that, in turn, reflects in the chemistry.

Listen to YCee’s “Juice Remix” featuring Joyner Lucas below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/iam_ycee

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