Yasir’s ‘One two’ accurately captures the romance culture in the social sharing age

A juvenile love story on Snapchat

Most are familiar with the social media debates about PDA because these conversations just won’t go away. Yasir’s “One two” accurately captures the juvenile romance culture in the social sharing age.
“One Two” begins with a slow, melancholic piano harmony that would lead you to believe it’s a song about the end of love, or some sort of self-reflective ode. But drum riffs surge in to overlap the pianos and make it upbeat enough to be a dance number.

Over the instrumentals produced by DoOzyBeatz, Yasir professes love for his lady, “You’re My Crush Everyday On Snapchat. /You’re Mine No Be One Two“. He is sure how he feels about her and has no problem with her telling whomever she wants about them. “Scream out if you want to, tell your friends if you want to”, indicating confidence about making their relationship public on social media.

Listen to “One Two” here

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/Looneyyasir

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