Watch Wizkid in the cheerful video for Smile ft H.E.R

Wizkid is reminding us that we've always got something to smile about: each other

Wizkid has kept us waiting long enough, but it is now officially Starboyszn. Just last week, Wiz gave us a second offering from his much-awaited album, ‘Made In Lagos‘, alongside the artwork. Now he’s returning to the album’s lead single, to deliver an eye-watering music video for the H.E.R-assisted “Smile”.

After the tumultuous year we’ve all collectively had, one either comes out of the other side in bits, or as a calm, still whole. From the music we’re getting from him, it seems as though Wizkid has chosen the latter, and his recently released video for “Smile” is enough indication of that. This year has thrown innumerable trials our way – collectively the world is hurt and individually we are all trying to navigate these unprecedented times – and the difficulty of it all has left us with very little to smile about. But in preparation for his forthcoming album, ‘Made In Lagos‘, Wizkid is reminding us that though times are looking bleak, we will always have something important thing to smile about: each other.


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Canvassing groups of friends, couples young and old, aunties bright in their iro, buba and gele, the dreamcatchers, Banky Wellington and even a man with his barber (an ever precious bond that can’t ever be broken), the video for “Smile” depicts the joy of interpersonal relationship, as all these different groups of people smile and have fun together.

Dedicated to Wiz’s three kids, Bolu, Ayo and Zion all make an appearance in Meji Alabi’s latest masterpiece, which also spotlights other parent-child bonds, to remind us of the first love most of us ever felt. “Smile” is a heartwarming song which has now been adorned with a bountifully cheerful video that will life your spirits instantly.

Watch the video now, and every time you need to “Smile”:

Featured Image Credits: Wizkid/YouTune