Blackmagic has an important message for everyone on his new single, “No Need”

Watch the video here

In this age where social media provides a channel to document all our proudest moments, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you’ll compare yourself to other people in your life. Careers, finances, and relationships can be frustrating when it seems like everyone else is reaching important milestones—enrolling in grad school, snagging promotions at work, in happy relationships, etc.—while you’re stuck treading water.

But rather than sulking at that friend’s extravagant post announcing her weding engagement while she’s vacating in Dubai with her hot boyfriend (who’s a body builder, naturally), Black Magic’s new single, “No Need”, encourages listeners to keep on living life and be grateful what what they have because—and this may seem cliche but—the grass is always greener on the other side.

Backed by soulful percussion and somber traditional drums Xela produces, Black Magic sings and raps, using what seems to be a personal experience with a failed relationship to pass the message that “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”. The video Aje Films directs for “No Need” shows Black Magic playing private detective as he watches a relationship, seen in slow-motion, falling apart.

Watch the video for Black Magic’s “No Need” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Blackmagic

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