See Omawumi and Falz in new video, “Hold My Baby”

A romantic song making a case for the Yoruba language's elegance

“Forget These Lyrics Baby, We Go Quiet Corner Cause I Will Like To Hold My Baby”, Omawumi sings on her new single, “Hold My Baby”, featuring Falz. The singer’s deeply intimate confessions over the sparse instrumental arrangement, produced by Sess to listen like a live band’s performance with cued drum riffs and backup vocals, is both romantic and homely. Her approach to infusing Yoruba lyrics gives the song an intimate feel as though listeners are merely eavesdropping on a private conversation between lovers. And though she keeps her lyrics sweet and suitable for kids consumption, her sexual intentions are conveyed clearly enough to leave knowing blushes on listeners faces.

Falz contributes a verse, using his Brother Taju alter ego to infuse some humour. And though it’s a style that he has consistently employed since the start of his blooming career, its charm is yet to burn out completely. The combination with Omawunmi’s passionate performance on “Hold My Baby” makes a strong case for the Yoruba language’s elegance.

The recently released music video for “Hold My Baby” is set in a rural fishing community that highlights the song’s traditional lyrics as Falz attempts to convince Omawumi that he’s the one she should settle down with and marry.

You can watch the music video for Omawumi and Falz’s “Hold My Baby” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/omawonder
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