The Shuffle: TY Bello’s “Green Land” is exactly how we should be feeling as a nation

A comforting message to celebrate Nigeria's Independence

Long before her journey as a celebrity photographer began, TY Bello belonged to a gospel group (K.U.S.H) which broke up and saw each member pursue solo music careers. In 2008, she released her debut album, Greenland, which housed the titular lead single – a song which captures how Nigerians ought to be feeling today.

With strong vocals and fantastic penmanship, TY Bello sings motivational lyrics to the people of the nation, saying that our country is a land of abundance and we should all be hopeful. “The land is green”, she chants in the catchy chorus, and au contraire – due to rife pollution, climate change and the careless attitude of the government and people – the land is in fact not green.

While the message is deeply faith based, it has definitely aged well, and is comforting to listen to in the desolate state of our country today. From SARZ attacks to the news of a serial killer taking lives of women in Port Harcourt, there’s little to celebrate about Nigeria’s 59th year of independence, however, songs like “GREENLAND” are a nice reminder that all will be well.

Listen right here:

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